Frequently Asked Questions2021-05-24T12:28:24+00:00
How Do I Cancel?2021-05-24T12:49:38+00:00

To cancel any time, just cancel your payment plan or contact me directly via email, phone call, or text.

Is Membership Refundable?2021-05-24T12:49:10+00:00

No. Every membership payment is non-refundable.

What Kind of Returns Can I Expect?2021-05-24T12:48:32+00:00

Much like the win rate, I do not provide an “expected return.” This is a setup for failure. Any signal service offering 100% returns a month is clearly a scam, so what I can say is that I have significantly beat the S&P 500 index in returns every year I’ve traded so far.

Why Are We Entering a Trade?2021-05-24T12:47:13+00:00

I usually provide the reason for entering a trade so you can begin to understand the system. The goal isn’t just to copy trades, but to begin to understand the markets and see them a bit differently.

What Technology Do I Need to Learn?2021-05-24T12:46:24+00:00

All alerts are sent simply via email. You will need to know how to open and close trades yourself on your platform. If you have any questions or need help getting set up, be sure to email me.

What Broker Do I Use?2021-05-24T12:45:44+00:00

I cannot pick the right broker for you. I strongly recommend going with a regulated broker. I personally use Interactive Brokers and GAIN Capital to trade forex and metals, and TDAmeritrade for stocks and options. Do your research!

How Long Do Trades Last?2021-05-24T12:42:34+00:00

This varies. Generally, forex trades are held from a few hours to a few weeks. Stock trades are generally held from 3-10 days. Options I trade generally expire in 3-8 weeks.

Why Not Crypto?2021-05-24T12:41:53+00:00

Cryptocurrencies offer a lot of promise as a trading asset. However, the simple answer is that my system just doesn’t currently work on cryptos. When I find a way to profitably and consistently trade crypto, I will include it in my portfolio here.

How Much Do I Trade/Risk?2021-05-24T12:40:52+00:00

I strongly recommend keeping your max risk per trade at 2%. This means you won’t ever lose more than 2% of your account balance on one trade. Sometimes, I will include in the trade alert that I am taking a lower risk (1% for me) on a trade instead.

How Much Money Do I Need?2021-05-24T12:39:41+00:00

I am not a financial advisor. Any time you trade, you should trade with money you don’t need. Trading is a long-term investment. The more you’re able to leave in your account, the more risk and reward you will have. I generally recommend a minimum of $1,000 to trade forex responsibly.

What is the Win Rate?2021-05-24T12:38:22+00:00

I don’t provide an expected win rate on my overall trading portfolio. This is to not set you up for emotional difficulties when going through a losing period. What matters is my account continually grows.

When Do Alerts Come?2021-05-24T12:37:19+00:00

Alerts come in real time as I am trading. Many forex trades come between 6am and 9am Eastern, and again between 4pm and 6pm. Options and stocks trades come around 10am and 3:30pm.

How Many Trades Will I Get?2021-05-24T12:35:49+00:00

This is impossible to answer as it depends on the market. Some weeks we only get one or two good entries. Other weeks we may have a dozen.

Who is Matthew?2021-05-24T12:34:35+00:00

I am a professional trader with years of experience trading via technical analysis. Multiple firms trust have trusted me for years to trade their money. Learn more about me on my about page.

How Do I Receive Trade Alerts?2021-05-24T12:28:13+00:00

You will receive alerts for every trade in real-time via email. Each alert will contain the asset, the direction, stop losses, and take profits.

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