About Matthew Roberts

I am a professional trader with years of experience. What does “pro” mean? I trade with multiple proprietary trading firms. That is, companies and funds give me their money to trade for them, while they take a portion of my profit. I am a swing trader, with the majority of my forex trades lasting a few days to a few weeks. I currently trade about 30 forex pairs, stock options, metals, and various stocks. An American, I moved to Mexico in 2018 with my wife. We bought a home on the beach, and have two young children.

About M Roberts Trading

No false promises. No get-rich-quick schemes. No bullshit.

So many trade signal services are utter crap. They promise unrealistic numbers, and teach you nothing about trading yourself. With my emails, free videos, and membership, you will learn to trade in a responsible and sustainable way. We risk 2% of our account per trade (you can choose to use different risk), I explain every trade I take for those interested, and I don’t promise any unrealistic profit targets.

We trade off daily charts. Trades may take a while to hit our profit targets, and we don’t over-trade. My services are not for people that are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme (also known as a scam). My services are also not for people who want to invest and just leave their money for 20 years. This is an active trading strategy. You will need to open/close/adjust trades yourself. You also will have the opportunity to learn various instruments. Your account will grow, and you’ll be doing what the pros do.

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Interested in learning to trade? Want to talk trade setups? Need someone to bounce ideas around with? Reach out to me. I never charge for mentorship or talking trading.

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